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Annual Research Competition

The Annual Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery Research Competition showcases the exciting research projects that are ongoing in the Department, and provides a platform for students to present their work. Each year, the best presentation is judged by the audience, and the winner receives The Stephen F. Hall Award for Outstanding Medical Student Research in Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery.

Award Winner - Joobin Sattar

Winning Presentation Title:  Current State of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery Teaching Across Canadian Medical Schools: A Cross-Sectional Study

     Joobin Sattar-Winner 2018-2019 Stephen F Hall Award

Other presenters this year were:

Joshua Gnanasegaram
Martina Heinelt
Marysia Grzybowski
Edward Sykes

 2018-2019 KHSC-OHNS Research Grand Rounds


from left to right:
Dr. Tim Phillips; Dr. Edmund Jones, Head of Otolaryngology; Joshua Gnanasegaram; Edward Sykes (front); Joobin Sattar; Martina Heinelt; Marysia Grzybowski; Dr. Natasha Cohen; Dr. Jason Beyea

Award Winner - Trina Stephens

Winning Presentation Title:  Audiometric Guideline Adherence in Children Undergoing Tympanostomy Tubes - A Population Based Study

 2018 Award Winner     Award Presentation

Other presenters this year were:

Garrett Horton
Joobin Sattar
Reza Tabanfar
Vincent Wu

2018 Presenters at First Annual Research Grand Rounds

First Annual Otolaryngology Research Grand Rounds

from left to right:
Dr. Russell Hollins, Head of Otolaryngology; Reza Tabanfar; Trina Stephens; Vincent Wu; Garrett Horton; Joobin Sattar; Dr. Jason Beyea; Mr. Vic Sahai , Research and Business Development Administrator KHSC-HDH