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The Beginning!

Otolaryngology began, after its separation from Ophthalmology, as an autonomous Academic Department at Queen’s University, in 1965.  The two disciplines had previously shared both training and Certification by the Royal College of Surgery (Canada).  Dr David Rosen was the Head of Ophthalmology (including Otolaryngology) at that time.

First Department Head

Dr. Malcom Williams appointed as first Head of Otolaryngology.



With the assistance of the Atkinson Charitable Foundation, and a Grant of $18,500.00 to build an Audiology suite, was received almost immediately.  Space was allocated for an up-to-date sound-proof unit, audiometers, and an office, in the Bawden Wing, whilst an Ear, Nose and Throat clinic with a small waiting-room was set up in the Empire wing.  Mrs. Muriel Laird was hired and trained first as an Audiological, and then as a Vestibular technician, with the introduction of Electronystagmography and other balance testing.

New Location at Kingston General Hospital


The Nickle Wing at KGH became available to house its whole Administrative and Clinical care functions (Inpatient and Ambulatory).  The roles of Speech Pathology, and particularly Audiology, continued to evolve rapidly, especially with the appointments of Audiologists Marie Heinzman and Paula Varette-Cerre.

Outreach Program

Saw the first visit to Moosefactory with Dr. Williams 

First visit to Moose Factory 1976




1978-Moosefactory, Dr. Malcolm Williams and Audiologist Paula Varette-Cerre



Moved to Hotel Dieu Hospital


The entire department of Otolaryngology including Audiology and Speech Language Pathology was relocated to Hotel Dieu Hospital in the Murray Building.

New Department Head

Dr. Stephen Hall appointed as Head of Otolaryngology

New Department Head

Dr. Andre Tan appointed as Head of Otolaryngology




2005 ENT Group Photo

2005 ENT Group Photo


New Department Head

Dr. Russell Hollins appointed as Acting Head of Otolaryngology

New Department Head

Dr. Russell Hollins appointed as Head of Otolaryngology

Fundraising Kickoff for move to new space in Hotel Dieu Hospital


Celebrating a strong start of fundraising to relocate the Ear, Nose and Throat clinics from the Murray Building into the main building at Hotel Dieu Hospital.

Fundraising to move ENT to main building

New Technology!-First Bone Anchored Hearing Aid Implanted in Kingston

Celebrating new hearing aid technology with first bone anchored hearing aid implanted in July 21, 2016 –



Dr. Jason Beyea and
Emily Cooke.


Music to our ears: New hearing device program formally approved