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ENT Grand Rounds and Journal Club

Grand Rounds Schedule For Academic Year 2018-2019

Date                               Facilitator

October 17th, 2018       Dr. Chris Noel

November 21st, 2018   Dr. Tim Phillips

December 5th, 2018     Dr. Jason Beyea

January 16th, 2018       Cancelled

February 13th, 2019      Dr. Russell Hollins     

March 20th, 2019          Research Grand Rounds

April 17th, 2019            Dr. Don MacNaughton

May 8th, 2019               Dr. Edmund Jones

May 22nd, 2019            Guest Lecturer - Dr. Ashley Waddington
                                         Department of Obs/Gyn


Journal Club Schedule For Academic Year 2018-2019

Date                                     Facilitator

November 5th, 2018         Dr. Jason Beyea

January 2019                      Dr. Edmund Jones

April 2019                           Dr. Russell Hollins

June  2019                          Dr. Don MacNaughton


All dates are to be confirmed at this time.